California 2013

{ Del Mar, California }


{ Temecula, California }


{ Solana Beach meet up with some friends}


{ San Diego and Point Loma Lighthouse }

Quick trip to a small town

My youngest daughter is an avid soccer player.  The last tournament of the season brought us to the town of Durango, Colorado.   The seven plus hours of driving to get there wasn’t too bad.  We drove though the Navajo Reservation, stopped at the Four Corners Monument, and experience the wonderful brown outs (a sudden desert dust storm) while driving .   The weather was a lot cooler in Durango compared to the west valley in Phoenix this time of year.  But don’t let that fool you that no sunblock is needed.  When the clouds moved out, and the sun was shining, it got HOT and it felt like someone was cooking us with a magnifying glass.

Durango wasn’t what I expected though.  It was pretty cool to see snow on the surrounding mountains, but for some reason I was expecting there be more pine trees.  Instead there was patches of scrub brush and dead trees.   I loved the downtown area.  It is quite a bit bigger than ours back home.  Though most of the shops were touristy.  I was impressed with the choices of eateries, along with the friendly services we received.  I highly recommend the Irish Pub’s Fish & Chips, or their Sheppard Pie.

Maybe in our travels back to Colorado we will stop by Durango again.  That is when we have more time and not rushing from soccer game to soccer game.  Anyways.  Here are a couple of photos from our trip.  Unfortunately due to time, most of my photos were of my daughters game.  But I found some nice area’s to capture the scenery.


{ Hubby and I at the Four Corners Monument }


{ heading into the dust storm }



{ my #12 }


{ downtown Durango from Fort Lewis College }


{ no clue what kind of trees these are, but they were full of beautiful pink flowers that showered down every time the wind blew }



{ the sides of some of the buildings still have old painted signage on them }

Lunch and a nap.

Went shopping the other day at Sprouts and filled my cart up with lots of fresh veggies.  It seems when spring hits, our family ditches the heavy foods of winter for the lighter side of the culinary cuisine.   Since the kids are in school still, I feel less obligated to make ‘safe’ lunches, i.e. the traditional deli sandwiches.   Sprouts had their chicken tenders on sale.  So I purchased two packages of the tenders.  One for Oven baked Italian tenders, and the other for some lightly seasoned ones so I can use them some light lunches or side pasta salads.

Today I made a chicken wrap.  Started with an organic grown whole wheat wrap with a light coating of my favorite hummus, added a bit of spring mix, a few sliced grape tomatoes, and a warm, sliced chicken tender on top.  Yum!




When the kids got out of school, I surprised them with a short trip to go see my parents.    The girls must of been tired as they both fell fast asleep on Papa’s comfy recliner.


Cameron, Senior 2013

I was asked by a friend if I would do some quick photos of her son for his senior invitations.  Of course!  The weather had not been very cooperative. The wind has been gusty for more than a week and time was running short.   So we took shelter in the wonderful downtown city of Glendale hoping that the buildings would help block it. Time was short but we managed to get in a few quick pictures between the end of school and before he had to be at work.   He is a busy young man.  Cameron became comfortable with the camera very quickly which made the shoot a breeze! { no pun intended. Wink }   So here are a few photo shares of the session.




After the Rain

After last night wind & dust storm.  Everything was left a bit….well, dusty.   But the flowers were really loving the cooler air, and the small sprinkling of spring rain.   Spring is my favorite time of year; and here in Arizona, you have to enjoy it while it lasts.     Here are some pictures I took of the flowers from my back yard, that survived the wind.

I edited these using a free share from the PIF (pay it forward) from the clickinmoms forum.  I decided to go out of my comfort zone and also add some texture to them.  I’m not a big texture fan.  But I felt the need to capture the dusty environment in a different way.




The end of my day was spent at the park while my two daughters were at their volleyball and soccer practice just a few yards away.  I love this park, however the best part is no longer available to people such as myself.  Sadly too many photographers (business & hobbyists) decided to take it upon themselves to graffiti in bright chalk across a historic mud brick building, nail signs in to the preserved siding of the farm house, and drag a ‘Victorian’ living room set into the rose garden lawn in order to get those creative shots.  Now in order to take pictures or video you must obtain a special permit for a fee of $100.  Only cell phones are allowed without a permit.   It is disheartening how a few can ruin it for many.  Anyway,  these pictures were shot in the non-historic area of the park.  There were a few Arizona flowering weeds by some storage containers and one of the sections of the picnic area was being irrigated, so I took advantage of the opportunity to explore the use of the sun and reflections.