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After the Rain

After last night wind & dust storm.  Everything was left a bit….well, dusty.   But the flowers were really loving the cooler air, and the small sprinkling of spring rain.   Spring is my favorite time of year; and here in Arizona, you have to enjoy it while it lasts.     Here are some pictures I took of the flowers from my back yard, that survived the wind.

I edited these using a free share from the PIF (pay it forward) from the clickinmoms forum.  I decided to go out of my comfort zone and also add some texture to them.  I’m not a big texture fan.  But I felt the need to capture the dusty environment in a different way.




The end of my day was spent at the park while my two daughters were at their volleyball and soccer practice just a few yards away.  I love this park, however the best part is no longer available to people such as myself.  Sadly too many photographers (business & hobbyists) decided to take it upon themselves to graffiti in bright chalk across a historic mud brick building, nail signs in to the preserved siding of the farm house, and drag a ‘Victorian’ living room set into the rose garden lawn in order to get those creative shots.  Now in order to take pictures or video you must obtain a special permit for a fee of $100.  Only cell phones are allowed without a permit.   It is disheartening how a few can ruin it for many.  Anyway,  these pictures were shot in the non-historic area of the park.  There were a few Arizona flowering weeds by some storage containers and one of the sections of the picnic area was being irrigated, so I took advantage of the opportunity to explore the use of the sun and reflections.




A Sunday Afternoon

Just took a little stroll in our lovely Downtown Glendale.  Traffic was light, most of the stores were closed so it was quiet.  Nice weather with my babies.





Sunrise, sunset, and everything in between.

One of my favorite things to do photographing beautiful sky’s.   The thought that the environment always changing and so unique that the moments I capture will never been seen exactly like that moments again.



Miscellaneous Pictures Pre-Blog

Just a random set of pictures from my pre-blog days.
Many of these were taken when I first was starting with my Canon Xsi and my kit lenses, or my 50mm F/1.4.

{ I have an obsession with taking pictures of just the sky }



4-2012_8-xsi50mm  3-2012_8-xsi50mm  1-2012_8-xsi50mm



{ Tried and failed picture of my tree with heart shaped bokeh made with black construction paper.  Had a hard time getting the tree in focus }


{ My oldest boy and oldest girl having fun in the pool }


{ Who doesn’t love food porn?  My oldest kid invited a few of his friends over last minute.
Using what I had on hand, I made impromptu pigs in a blanket with general biscuit dough instead of croissants. }


{ My friends little boy as we wait for our kids to get out of school }


{ Another impromptu picture of them at the park }

{ My cat Ms. Kitty, looking at me from on top of the refrigerator }