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Quick trip to a small town

My youngest daughter is an avid soccer player.  The last tournament of the season brought us to the town of Durango, Colorado.   The seven plus hours of driving to get there wasn’t too bad.  We drove though the Navajo Reservation, stopped at the Four Corners Monument, and experience the wonderful brown outs (a sudden desert dust storm) while driving .   The weather was a lot cooler in Durango compared to the west valley in Phoenix this time of year.  But don’t let that fool you that no sunblock is needed.  When the clouds moved out, and the sun was shining, it got HOT and it felt like someone was cooking us with a magnifying glass.

Durango wasn’t what I expected though.  It was pretty cool to see snow on the surrounding mountains, but for some reason I was expecting there be more pine trees.  Instead there was patches of scrub brush and dead trees.   I loved the downtown area.  It is quite a bit bigger than ours back home.  Though most of the shops were touristy.  I was impressed with the choices of eateries, along with the friendly services we received.  I highly recommend the Irish Pub’s Fish & Chips, or their Sheppard Pie.

Maybe in our travels back to Colorado we will stop by Durango again.  That is when we have more time and not rushing from soccer game to soccer game.  Anyways.  Here are a couple of photos from our trip.  Unfortunately due to time, most of my photos were of my daughters game.  But I found some nice area’s to capture the scenery.


{ Hubby and I at the Four Corners Monument }


{ heading into the dust storm }



{ my #12 }


{ downtown Durango from Fort Lewis College }


{ no clue what kind of trees these are, but they were full of beautiful pink flowers that showered down every time the wind blew }



{ the sides of some of the buildings still have old painted signage on them }