After the Rain

After last night wind & dust storm.  Everything was left a bit….well, dusty.   But the flowers were really loving the cooler air, and the small sprinkling of spring rain.   Spring is my favorite time of year; and here in Arizona, you have to enjoy it while it lasts.     Here are some pictures I took of the flowers from my back yard, that survived the wind.

I edited these using a free share from the PIF (pay it forward) from the clickinmoms forum.  I decided to go out of my comfort zone and also add some texture to them.  I’m not a big texture fan.  But I felt the need to capture the dusty environment in a different way.




The end of my day was spent at the park while my two daughters were at their volleyball and soccer practice just a few yards away.  I love this park, however the best part is no longer available to people such as myself.  Sadly too many photographers (business & hobbyists) decided to take it upon themselves to graffiti in bright chalk across a historic mud brick building, nail signs in to the preserved siding of the farm house, and drag a ‘Victorian’ living room set into the rose garden lawn in order to get those creative shots.  Now in order to take pictures or video you must obtain a special permit for a fee of $100.  Only cell phones are allowed without a permit.   It is disheartening how a few can ruin it for many.  Anyway,  these pictures were shot in the non-historic area of the park.  There were a few Arizona flowering weeds by some storage containers and one of the sections of the picnic area was being irrigated, so I took advantage of the opportunity to explore the use of the sun and reflections.




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