A Sunday Afternoon

Just took a little stroll in our lovely Downtown Glendale.  Traffic was light, most of the stores were closed so it was quiet.  Nice weather with my babies.





Our Family Pets

Since this is my first blog I thought I’d fill it with some pictures of our family pets.  Yes, they too are not void of falling victim to my snapshot frenzy and becoming test subjects.   Our fur babies are a huge part of our lives.  They are so quick to forgive and so willing to please.  They only ask for unconditional love and food.  Lots of food.  That is why our pets are a bit on the chunky side.

{ The Little Ones }


This is Lily.  One day her and her friend showed up in our back yard.  They managed to squeeze under our RV gates and was bunking down behind our pool pump.   Hubby came home and said “Hey we have two dogs in our back yard.”  To me this was nothing unusual as we have two dogs, a Border Collie and an American Eskimo.  So I was like “Duh, you just noticed?”  After clearing up that fact that these were tiny dogs he saw scampering in our yard, hubby and I went to investigate.  We found these two scared Chihuahua’s: skinny, nails grossly over grown and spiraling, their bodies so thick with dirt and body oil that it looked as if they were dipped in tar. They were sticky and stinky!   After about 40 min of earning their trust I was able to scoop them up and bring them inside.   I immediately noticed they had collars on that were WAY to small for them digging  into their necks.  So my husband and I removed them promptly.   I gave them both a quick bath.  That is when I noticed that they had scars on their bodies.  After cleaning them up I headed over to the nearest vets to have them scanned for micro chips.  Nothing, as I expected.  Found out that Lily is about 7 years old, has a lesion on her eye and two cherry eyes. Rosey, was about 3 years old, and both were in decent health despite their condition.  They were survivors.  Vet estimates that they were breeding dogs that were being over breed.  The scars were more likely from the males during the breeding process.  And that they probably lived in outside kennels.  So after 4 weeks their owners could not be found.  Thanks to family donations we were able to get both of them fixed, up to date on their shots, microchipped, nails trimmed, and back to full health!  So here we are.  Now with four dogs, two cats, and four kids.


{ The Big Dogs }

We adopted our Border Collie thought a wonderful rescue, The Arizona Border Collie Rescue, five years ago.  As you can see by the gray on his face, he is getting up there in years, almost 10.  Although his hind end doesn’t work so well as it once did, he never gives up.   He will chase a ball till he is tuckered out, and gives the best hugs.  Our family has been blessed with a few BC’s and BC mixes over the years.   They are so smart and have such great personalities, making them a great pet for active families.   We also have an American Eskimo.  They are a breed of their own.  We have had her since she was 5 weeks old, she will be 17 years old soon.  She has seemed to out live so many of our fur babies.  She has been though so much, losing all her teeth, and has recently lost her hearing, but don’t tell her that.  Her sight is starting to get cloudy, but the rest of her…..well has not received the memo that she is not a puppy any more.  She is as agile as she was when she was a pup.  It is so amazing to see her plug though her age caused short comings, nothing seems to phase her.  If she was human, she would be the 95 year old running a 5k marathon without help.


Lee & Rhonda

I attended the most beautiful and simple backyard weddings of my life.  One of my favorite cousins was getting married to the love of his life.  As it was a casual, family only wedding, I was asked if I would bring my camera and get what I can.  Now this is a no-no frowned upon many in the “Pro Photo” circles.  However, I said YES of course!  I’m not a pro, but why not get some experience to learn from.  I found the hardest thing was to remember to take pictures.

{ Setting }


{ The Cake }


{ Pre-Wedding }


{ The Walk }



Sunrise, sunset, and everything in between.

One of my favorite things to do photographing beautiful sky’s.   The thought that the environment always changing and so unique that the moments I capture will never been seen exactly like that moments again.



Miscellaneous Pictures Pre-Blog

Just a random set of pictures from my pre-blog days.
Many of these were taken when I first was starting with my Canon Xsi and my kit lenses, or my 50mm F/1.4.

{ I have an obsession with taking pictures of just the sky }



4-2012_8-xsi50mm  3-2012_8-xsi50mm  1-2012_8-xsi50mm



{ Tried and failed picture of my tree with heart shaped bokeh made with black construction paper.  Had a hard time getting the tree in focus }


{ My oldest boy and oldest girl having fun in the pool }


{ Who doesn’t love food porn?  My oldest kid invited a few of his friends over last minute.
Using what I had on hand, I made impromptu pigs in a blanket with general biscuit dough instead of croissants. }


{ My friends little boy as we wait for our kids to get out of school }


{ Another impromptu picture of them at the park }

{ My cat Ms. Kitty, looking at me from on top of the refrigerator }