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Lunch and a nap.

Went shopping the other day at Sprouts and filled my cart up with lots of fresh veggies.  It seems when spring hits, our family ditches the heavy foods of winter for the lighter side of the culinary cuisine.   Since the kids are in school still, I feel less obligated to make ‘safe’ lunches, i.e. the traditional deli sandwiches.   Sprouts had their chicken tenders on sale.  So I purchased two packages of the tenders.  One for Oven baked Italian tenders, and the other for some lightly seasoned ones so I can use them some light lunches or side pasta salads.

Today I made a chicken wrap.  Started with an organic grown whole wheat wrap with a light coating of my favorite hummus, added a bit of spring mix, a few sliced grape tomatoes, and a warm, sliced chicken tender on top.  Yum!




When the kids got out of school, I surprised them with a short trip to go see my parents.    The girls must of been tired as they both fell fast asleep on Papa’s comfy recliner.


Miscellaneous Pictures Pre-Blog

Just a random set of pictures from my pre-blog days.
Many of these were taken when I first was starting with my Canon Xsi and my kit lenses, or my 50mm F/1.4.

{ I have an obsession with taking pictures of just the sky }



4-2012_8-xsi50mm  3-2012_8-xsi50mm  1-2012_8-xsi50mm



{ Tried and failed picture of my tree with heart shaped bokeh made with black construction paper.  Had a hard time getting the tree in focus }


{ My oldest boy and oldest girl having fun in the pool }


{ Who doesn’t love food porn?  My oldest kid invited a few of his friends over last minute.
Using what I had on hand, I made impromptu pigs in a blanket with general biscuit dough instead of croissants. }


{ My friends little boy as we wait for our kids to get out of school }


{ Another impromptu picture of them at the park }

{ My cat Ms. Kitty, looking at me from on top of the refrigerator }